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Marxy and Macias Talk Cool Japan

Well, the title says it all: Marxy and Macias, together again, this time for a new N√ɬ©ojaponisme podcast covering the topic of “Cool Japan.” I’m just waiting for the them to take their shtick on the road.


On the Fashion Trail with Marxy

A few new places where you can catch Marxy’s fashion reportage. First up, at MEKAS, a new Japanese fashion site where he takes on the role of chief editor. It’s mostly targeted at professional business subscribers, but you’ll also find a few free pieces, like this interview with Takeji Hirakawa. He’s also a contributing editor […]


Marxy and Verena

I took this shoot last Friday night during the reception for the re-opening of the Claska hotel in Meguro. There’s something I really like about this shot of Marxy and Verena, like we’re spying in on something.


Macias and Marxy in LA

Patrick Macias and Marxy take apart “Cool Japan” in LA in the latest podcast episode of HOT TEARS OF SHAME (25). I guess there’s even a Paris Hilton appearance/interference!


Marxy: Tokion and Hiroshi Fujiwara

I’ve been waiting for Marxy to comment on this month’s issue of TOKION JAPAN, with a cover feature on Hiroshi Fujiwara, and now here it is. It’s not exactly what you’d expect.

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Marxy Covers Hysteric Glamour

The latest issue of NYLON FOR GUYS (Winter 2007) sees Marxy writing a lengthy profile on Hysteric Glamour designer/founder Nobu Kitamura. The piece isn’t online, so time to pony up the dough and grab the issue at your favorite newsstand!

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Marxy + U.T.

Marxy and U.T. performing this past Sunday at OK Fred HQ. It was great finally seeing Marxy play live, especially in such an intimate setting.


O.Lamm and Marxy

Enjoying nabe at OK Fred HQ with O.Lamm and Marxy.


Marxy Gets in Line

Marxy offers his take on this past weekend’s PS3 queueing madness — see also Brad’s post, and mine on Kotaku.


More Marxy Music

Finally, Marxy has some music news! (Yeah, you can be forgiven it you hadn’t realized that Marxy’s thing is actually music creation — sample his first album here.)