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  • Shugo Tokumaru Animated

    Enrico Casarosa, an illustrator and animator in San Francisco shared his love of Shugo Tokumaru when he created this short animated clip for his wife’s birthday, using Shugo’s “Such a Color” track.

  • Shugo Tokumaru’s Karte Video

    When I was looking for the link to Shugo Tokumaru’s website for the previous post, I found this video for the track “Karte,” which was my favorite of the album. In the sidebar you’ll also find links to a few other videos — like this one, for “Metrion” — and live performances.

  • Shugo Tokumaru’s First Album at Other Music

    If you’re a fan of Shugo Tokumaru and have been having a hard time getting your hands on his first album, a reader just sent me this bit of info: NYC’s Other Music’s new DRM free digital download store is now selling his hard-to-get-hold-of first album, Night Piece, for $9.99. Only works inside the US though.

  • Shugo Tokumaru Is the Japanese Sufjan Stevens

    He also “makes train rides more bearable.” All this and more, at BuzzFeed. If you want to catch him live, his next show, as the Tokumaru Shugo Trio, is January 26 at O-Nest in Shibuya, opening for Iron & Wine.

  • Tokumaru Shugo in Koenji Again

    A quick heads up to and upcoming Tokumaru Shugo live show at Enban in Koenji on July 1. It’s something called “Den-Den Mushi Night,” presented by Majikick Records. Show starts at 7, and it’s only 1000 yen. Alas, it’s another one of those early weekday shows that I can’t attend…

  • Tokumaru Shugo in Koenji

    Marxy lets us know that Tokumaru Shugo (who I’ve been gushing about for a couple of weeks now) will be live at Enban in Koenji on Friday June 4 (he goes on at 7). That is absolute bad news for me because my job prevents me from seeing live shows that start at 7 during…

  • Tokumaru Shugo

    A few weeks ago I mentioned ordering Tokumaru Shugo‘s new album, NIGHT PIECE, on the Music Related label after listening to a great MP3 preview (which you can find here), and I received the album in the mail 2 days ago. I’ve listened to it a few times now (mostly on the iPod during my…

  • Tokumaru Shugo

    Trevor, in town recently and the special guest at last week’s Tokyo Fun Party, runs an indie label from New York called Music Related. The next release is from Tokyo native Tokumaru Shugo, an album called NIGHT PIECE. If you go here, you can download an MP3 preview mix of the album, which I’ve ended…

  • Shugo and Trevor in the JT

    Today’s edition of THE JAPAN TIMES includes a piece on Shugo Tokumaru, as well as a Q&A with Music Related‘s Trevor.

  • Tokumaru at O-Nest

    Shugo Tokumaru will be supporting the release of his new record, L.S.T. (which I loved, and reviewed quite positively for the next issue of OK FRED, out next week), with a show at Shibuya O-Nest on October 14. Start time is 18:30, with entry at 2000 yen (2300 yen at the door, includes a drink).