Samurai Champloo

And while on the subject of anime, I’m also quite excited by the prospect of a new TV series by COWBOY BEBOP director Watanabe Shinichiro. It’s called SAMURAI CHAMPLOO, and it looks like some kind of stylish take on samurai action, with a hiphop beat. Check out the trailer at the series’ official site.

Champloo's Groove

SAMURAI CHAMPLOO is settling into a very nice groove, and the latest episode was definitely the best one yet. An intro featuring a recap with hip-hop beats and old-style Japanese, a perfect mix of action and comedy… It’s also come to a point where we really know these characters, and their characterizations are really flowing. … Continue reading “Champloo's Groove”

Terror in Resonance

Shinichiro Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo) is on a tear of late, and here’s yet another anime series from him, Terror in Resonance (Zankyo no Terror). Surprise, surprise, it’s pretty much impossible to tell where this is going based on just the first episode, but I’m definitely intrigued, and looking forward to seeing where they … Continue reading “Terror in Resonance”