Samurai Champloo Is Back!

In case you missed it, SAMURAI CHAMPLOO is back, and oh my, what a great return. The second season kicks off with a great episode that manages to allude to Harajuku (Ura-Edo), graffiti artists, and even manages a cameo by a certain Warholian lover of art… Seems like the show is turning more and more […]

Samurai Champloo TV Problems

A reader mentioned the following just yesterday as rumor, and I guess it’s now been confirmed. Anime News Network reports Fuji TV has announced that after airing episode 17, Fuji TV will stop Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop director Shinichiro Watanabe’s scratch style samurai series. The complete 26 episode series will be broadcast on BS digital […]

Samurai Champloo Rules!

That title alone is probably going to kill my bandwidth allowance, if the top 10 searches leading to my site this month are any indication: 1. samurai champloo 2. samurai champloo torrent 3. russian sex 4. samurai champloo torrents 5. lolitas 6. samurai champloo download 7. big lips 8. porno 9. champloo 10. samurai champloo […]

Samurai Champloo in da House!

SAMURAI CHAMPLOO, the new series by COWBOY BEBOP director Watanabe Shinichiro, has finally launched and, oh my, it’s sizzling. From what I could see in the first episode, we’re getting a samurai story, but told in a modern way (like with the dialogue), and with a very strong hip-hop influence. Watanabe has not only managed […]

Samurai Champloo

And while on the subject of anime, I’m also quite excited by the prospect of a new TV series by COWBOY BEBOP director Watanabe Shinichiro. It’s called SAMURAI CHAMPLOO, and it looks like some kind of stylish take on samurai action, with a hiphop beat. Check out the trailer at the series’ official site.

Champloo's Groove

SAMURAI CHAMPLOO is settling into a very nice groove, and the latest episode was definitely the best one yet. An intro featuring a recap with hip-hop beats and old-style Japanese, a perfect mix of action and comedy… It’s also come to a point where we really know these characters, and their characterizations are really flowing. […]

Samurai-C Records

I’ve shared with you my love for the SAMURAI CHAMPLOO animated series (still as good as ever), but the fun doesn’t stop there. One of the draws of the series is the mix of hip-hop with a traditional samurai setting, and the strong musical ties continue with the launch of Samurai-C Records. I was at […]

My Ten Favorite Anime Series

At work I like to organize some fun times at the end of every week — I even have a name for it, the “Friday Fluke.” Part of it is getting a drink, relaxing a bit with colleagues, and playing some games (our go-to tends to be various forms of Werewolf). Last week I introduced […]