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  • PauseTalk Next Week

    One of the interesting things that has happened since my return to Asia is the return of PauseTalk. As I wrote in detail in this post, when I left Tokyo back in 2015 I also decided to put an end to my PauseTalk series (with Vol. 85). I wasn’t really interested in handing it over…

  • PauseTalk, Five Years Later

    It just hit me today that five years ago this month I held what I then called the “final” edition of PauseTalk (Vol. 85) in Tokyo — here’s the post I wrote to mark that end. That event took place on March 2, 2015, and a few weeks later (on March 31) I would be…

  • State of PauseDraw

    The latest post up on the State of Tokyo site is a beautifully shot look at the latest PauseDraw event. It’s great to see the event get a nice bit of coverage like this, and big thanks to Alex for the PauseTalk mention — I miss doing those events too.

  • PauseDraw for February 2017

    After taking a bit of a holiday break, I’m glad to see that Luis and Adrian‘s PauseDraw is back in 2017 with its first edition set for February 12 — you’ll find all the details on the Facebook event page.

  • PauseDraw for November 2016

    PauseDrawers keep on drawing, with the next event set for November 27 at Shibaura House, the space which seems to have turned into the event’s regular venue (pictured, a previous PauseDraw held there). You’ll find more details on the Facebook event page.

  • PauseDraw for October 2016

    The next edition of PauseDraw — PauseTalk‘s sister series all about drawing — is just around the corner, taking place on Sunday, October 16, at 16:00, at Shibaura House, the same place as last time (pictured in this post). As always, it’s hosted by Tokyo’s two favorite drawers, Luis Mendo and Adrian Hogan.

  • PauseDraw

    Even though I’m no longer in Tokyo running my PauseTalk events, it warms my heart to see that its offshoot, PauseDraw, is still going strong. Unlike PauseTalk where talking’s the thing, the sister series is all about getting a group of people together to draw, draw, and then draw some more. Originally started by Luis…

  • Pausing PauseTalk

    The final PauseTalk (Vol. 85) was held on Monday, March 2, 2015. The end, my friends. “Final” is a big word, and you may be wondering why I decided to put an end to the series, instead of getting someone else to continue running it – and there was indeed interest in doing that. Let…

  • PressPause Update

    PressPause is go. If you’re curious to find out how last week’s first session went, I wrote a short rundown over at the PressPause site. As you’ll see, our first meeting was about getting to know each other, and coming up with the game ideas that we’ll be working on in teams over the course…

  • PressPause

    Let’s make games together. It’s no secret that I’ve loved the world of games all my life. I’ve even covered them professionally, with contributions to Wired‘s Game|Life, Kotaku, and 1UP, as well as my work with Brian Ashcraft on theArcade Mania book, about Japanese game centers. But I’ve never made one. A few years ago I…