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  • Kono Takashi Exhibition

    Another Kono Takashi exhibition, this time at the National Museum of Modern Art. Kono Takashi is known for his eye-catching poster for the Sapporo Winter Olympic Games 1972, and such images as a huge fish bearing the pattern of the American flag in front of a small one with eyes that look like the Japanese…

  • Takashi Kono at GGG

    I made it to Ginza again today to finally catch the Takashi Kono exhibit at the Ginza Graphic Gallery. I can’t say enough good things about what I saw. Although I’m especially fond of the work he did in the sixties, I was very impressed with the kinds of designs he was producing in the…

  • Takashi Kono Exhibit

    The entrance to the Takashi Kono exhibit at the Ginza Graphic Gallery. It was unfortunately closed when I went, but I’ll try again this week or the next. I love the kanji lettering.

  • Takashi Kono

    And I’d also like to catch the Takashi Kono show taking place at the Ginza Graphic Gallery. It ends on December 20. Again, from REALTOKYO: Following his employ in the design department at Shochiku Films, Kono Takashi (1906-1999) joined the legendary national design magazine “Nippon,” where he acted as art director (or the like). It…

  • Kono Does Japan

    I’m putting up this image from the GGG site, another Takashi Kono work, because I really like it.

  • Kono on Video Screens

    Most of Takashi Kono’s works were on walls or under a glass case for books and smaller images, but there were also these 3 video screens constantly showing works that hadn’t made it in the show, as well as some pictures of the designer himself.

  • JEANSNOW.NET Searches: End of December 2006

    So what are the search terms that are bringing readers to the site these days? “jean snow” and “jeansnow” are still tops, so either it’s people who can’t remember the site’s address (hint: starts with “jeansnow,” ends with “.net”), or I’ve got a little cult of personality going. Bape is still going strong — the…

  • GGG Books

    As mentioned in one of my Takashi Kono posts, I picked up a book in the GGG design series at the show. This is a series of very attractive and affordable books (only 1200 yen) that I spotted a while back at Junkudo. They’re small in size with a hard cover, reminding me a bit…